Birth Complications and Traumatic Birth Recovery Support

The following organizations offer counseling and support to women and their partners following a traumatic birth.

The Peaceful Birth Project. This website is maintained by Evelyn Ojeda-Fox, Mother’s Mentor, Gatherer of Women, Birth Story Listener and Massage Therapist. Evelyn specializes in trauma release after an overwhelming pregnancy, birth or postpartum.

Solace for Mothers. Solace for Mothers is an organization designed for the sole purpose of providing and creating support for women who have experienced childbirth as traumatic. The resources available through this website offer immediate, personal support to mothers and others who are struggling with birth trauma, PTSD after childbirth and anxiety caused by their birthing experiences.

Birth Trauma Counselling. Birth Trauma Counselling centre is based in Surbiton, Surrey in the South West of London. Run exclusively by volunteers it is a self-run project to help mothers to find their first steps of recovery after a traumatic birth experience. Some of these traumatized mothers show some signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and others fit the full description of DSMIV criteria.