Commonsense Childbirth

Commonsense Childbirth, an Orlando Florida based women’s health clinic, was one of the first black woman owned women’s health care clinics dedicated to ensuring that ALL women receive high quality, accessible and affordable perinatal healthcare.  Developed around the model of “The JJ Way” of midwifery care, Commonsense Childbirth was a trailblazer in bringing to light the disparity in birth outcomes for black women and infants and proposing a working model to combat these negative birth outcomes.  The mission of Commonsense Childbirth is to inspire change in maternal child health care systems worldwide. “We believe that ALL women deserve a healthy pregnancy, birth and baby!” In addition to full service midwifery care, Commonsense childbirth also offers doula training and certification, Maternal Child Health Certification, Community Health Worker trainings and Midwifery training.

“Until women and their loved ones feel that they have enough knowledge and agency to be part of the decisions around their care and until they have access to the education and support that they are lacking, they will continue to be at risk”. -Jennie Joseph, CPM, Executive Director